Rose Petroleum plc was co-founded by senior members of leading resources companies who believe that there is one level of corporate responsibility for all companies, no matter what the size.

Rose Petroleum plc has projects in a number of different geographic areas and has a commitment to uphold the highest standards of corporate responsibility wherever it operates. The primary aspects of the Company’s corporate responsibility programme are:


On active projects we constantly observe operations to ensure that all activity sits well within environmental safety parameters. We have also taken steps to ensure that all parts of the portfolio are carefully assessed on a case by case basis with regard to development in the context of each locality.


Our workforce is one of our key assets and we demand that our work crews abide by the highest levels of health and safety best practice. We periodically review safety at all sites.


Whether through direct employment, supply purchase, land use or the environment, we take our responsibility to the communities very seriously. In a wider programme, we liaise with individuals regularly, face to face, by always having a presence wherever we work, as well as holding more formal community programmes. Our work with community leaders, regional and federal governments aims to give maximum transparency to all our operations and objectives. We hope to be long-term partners to our communities and develop with them.